International Bit Fitting Organization of France

At ABFF, we have teamed up around one ultimate goal: to contribute to the well-being of horses. The goal of the association is to promote “Bit Fitting” worldwide. Bit fitting is the practice of fitting a bit, a bridle or double bridle and bitless bridles to each horse-rider couple. We are committed to following a work ethic and promoting this discipline in France and internationally.

Why Association of Bit Fitting France ?

Through our organization, we want to our profession to be put forward and renown. All certified bit fitters also have the pleasure to meet every year or a few times a year to discuss around the table, participate to various webinars and discover new subject about bit and bridle fitting.
We promote professional of horse’s wellbeing by adapting the bridles and bits.
On our website, you will only be in contact with certified bit fitters.
Each consultant will guide you towards the best tack for you and your horse.

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Adapting the tack to ride with or without a bit!
International Association of Bit Fitting France


We have the pleasure to get together to create events to follow the bit fitting news around the world. Stay connected to participate in one of our future events.

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You can trust us

Contact of Bit Fitters

They follow ethical conduct of the Bit Fitting certification.

At AIBFF, we are determined to always intensify our efforts to find the solution to your horse’s wellbeing. Please find below a list of professionals that are part of our organization and respect the ethical work conduct. Feel free to contact the bit fitter in your region for more information or to book an appointment.

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The Team

Members of the team

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